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Paint and Wine Corvallis

About Us


Explore Your Inner Artist!

Have you ever been told that art is only found in one side of the brain?  We do not believe that.  Art, in it's different forms, actually comes from both sides of the brain.  Some have more of a mathematical "art brain" and some a more creative "art brain". We endeavor to tap into whatever part of your brain the artist is stored and help you bring it out, all while having a great time.  So book a date night, a night out with friends, a team building event...or come alone (we promise you will not be lonely!)


A Family Affair

I grew up in a painting family and learned a lot from my mom and grandfather whose art can be found on many walls. We spent many joyful hours painting together in grandpa's sun room, sipping wine and finding new ways to let our emotions come to life on the canvas. Paint and Wine is a memory to these two wonderful artists and all the laughs we shared. When you patronize Paint and Wine Corvallis you support women in business along with all the local and Oregon businesses we utilize.  Thank you for painting with us!


Brandie Stucky


Owner of Paint and Wine, Brandie loves to show people how easy it is to paint.

Amber Carlson


Amber excels with fun animal paintings. She came to Corvallis from Arizona. Amber studied art in college and has a wonderful, quirky way of sharing her passion. Be prepared for painting themed clothing!

Rachelle Reed


Rachelle is our newest artist.  We don't have a picture of her yet!  Her new additions have been quite popular though.  As an elementary school teacher, she has a sweet and patient attitude.  We know you will love painting with Rachelle!

Jennifer Goodenough


Jennifer is a long time resident of the Corvallis area. Her paintings are usually directed to younger children as she learned a love for working with them during her many years of volunteering in the Dominican Republic. Her fun, sweet spirit is a joy to children and adults alike.  Watch for kid and family classes.

Linda Edwards


Linda paints and draws in many mediums. Creating an exciting visual image with strong patterns of lights, darks, interesting shapes, and stunning color relationships makes her day.  Linda incorporates more drawing elements in her paintings and her classes are recommended for those with some painting experience.

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