Art & Wine Venezia

Venice, Italy - you get the friends and choose a date!

A truly unique trip to visit the Arts and Wines of Venice and the Veneto. 


This is a vacation with friends, not a tour. We hope to get to know you as we share this wonderful city and it's treasures with you!

Included in the Trip

  • Staying in a venetian palazzo with wifi, a/c, kitchen and clothes washer
  • Making our own souvenirs at authentic venetian workshops using traditional techniques and materials, including a mosaic with Orsoni smalti
  • Exploring and tasting the wines and foods of the region at established, locally acclaimed restaurants and small bacaros the locals wish were a secret
  • Seeing mosaics of San Marco and Torcello


After our unforgettable first trip to Venice in 2009, my desire to paint found new momentum. I was inspired by this little city that cannot grow and has changed so little in hundreds of years. Greg said I needed to “support my habit” (my painting habit, not my wine habit), and that is how Paint and Wine Corvallis got started. But, I believe, my biggest habit has really become Venice. Since that first visit, I have returned 5 times and have spent many days walking along the canals and over the bridges. Venice, sadly, has slowly started to lose its arts to modern technology and demand for speed over quality. But a few places have hung on and still share the authenticity with those who take the time to stop and experience them. I fear these opportunities will soon be gone. Thus, this artisan inspired trip was born. We are not doing this to make a profit. We are doing this to share our passion for the people, art and wine of the Veneto. Your price is simply the actual costs plus contingencies for exchange rate fluctuations. Our only regret is that we cannot actually cover all the wonders of Venice in a mere 10 days.