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Frequently Asked Questions & Do We Sell Gift Certificates?

Yes, we do!  You can purchase eGift Certificates online by clicking the "Buy Now" button. These certificates are now redeemable online and in the store!  Or you can purchase a gift card at our studio. Most guided classes are $39. Drop in rates range from $9-$129, depending on the project chosen.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Drop In Times

When are Drop In times?

Drop in times are:

Tuesday - Thursday 11am-6pm

Friday & Saturday 11am-7pm

(hours may vary during holidays and school breaks - the calendar has the most up to date hours posted)

NOTES: You should generally allow yourself 2 hours to complete a project. On nights we have guided classes you maybe  allowed to stay past closing, but your service might be limited by the demands of the paint class.

There IS A RETURN FEE if you do not finish in one sitting. See: What is a return fee?

What are the Costs for Drop in "Paint Your Own..." times?



CANVAS: $19 - $29 

Please note: these are not available while an artist instructed class is in session

POTTERY: $9 - $129

GLASS: $12 

($19 for two - must be same person painting both items)

WOOD: $9 - $49

What is a return fee?

A return fee is charged if you do not finish your piece in one sitting.  Generally we suggest you allow 2 hours to finish one piece but if you don't complete your project before we close, we will gladly store your project for up to 30 days, provide you with more paints, newly cleaned brushes, and other non reusable supplies on your return visit. 

The return fee is $4 for each subsequent visit.

For some of our bigger projects, ex. our 18" platter or tea set, we will allow one return visit, free of charge.

What is included in the price?

Prices are per piece and include 2 hours of studio time per piece. (Some items include more time due to size)

Our prices also include the proper paints and brushes for your chosen medium. Our charming Paint Servers will help you choose your colors and brush sizes. 

Pottery prices also include use of silkscreens, glazing and firing.

Acrylic and enamel paint projects include use of a freshly laundered apron to protect your clothing from stains. Pottery glaze is water soluble and generally doesn't require an apron.

How many colors can I choose?

We truly want you to leave with a project you are proud of, so we will not limit your colors.  However, we ask that you think very carefully before having us fill your palette.  Sometimes it is best to start off with 1-3 colors and then add as you need.  We would rather bring you more paint than throw paint away! Thank you for helping us conserve our resources and the environment.

What is not included in the price?

Our prices per piece cover just about everything you need to complete your project but there are a few notable examples that you may want to know about.

GOLD: some of our example pieces have gold (see ceramic unicorn). This gold is added AFTER the piece is fired using a different process. The price to add gold to a piece after firing will depend on the piece.  The unicorn horn, as an example, is $2

SILKSCREEN ON GLASS OR WOOD: unlike pottery glaze, acrylic and enamel, stain and ruin our silkscreens. So use of a silkscreen with these paints costs and additional $2 per silkscreen.

May I order "adult" beverages during drop in times?

Of course!  This is Paint AND Wine Corvallis.  Please bring your ID if you wish to order alcohol.  Also, we have snacks, soft and hot drinks.  See our Guided Paint Class FAQs below for more answers about alcohol at our facility.

How long until pottery is ready to be picked up?

Pottery completed by Wednesday evening can be picked up on Tuesday of the next week. As our demand rises, so will our firing days.  We will always give you our best guess on pick up date once you have completed your piece.  


Pottery paint (your art)  has to dry 24-48 hrs before glaze is applied. 

Glaze needs to dry at least 48 hrs before it is fired.

Firing and cool down cycle takes 32-40 hrs depending on the weather.

Frequently Asked Questions: Guided Paint Classes

How do I sign up for a class?

Sign up for any class using our online CALENDAR. The calendar shows what days paintings are being featured, what time the class starts, how much that class costs and who will be teaching. Simply click on the painting you want to paint and you will be able to "Pay and Reserve". This will allow you to pay for and reserve your spot! Your class reservation will be sent via email (check your junk email folder) and that is it! If you have any special requests you can include them in the notes section when you pay, or email: (If you pay for a class, please add this email to your inbox, otherwise your receipts and class reminder and/or cancellation notices, may end up in your Junk Email. We will not add you to any email list or newsletter with out your permission.)
If you would prefer to pay in person or by phone, please see the calendar for our open daytime office hours.

Are minors allowed?

Please Note: some of our guidelines have changed! Children under 18 are welcome to attend our kids's paint nights, family nights and drop in Pottery times (coming soon) but must be with a parent or guardian approved adult if they are under 13. A good general rule, when deciding if a young person can join a paint time, is to look at the length of the class on the calendar, then decide if they are capable AND willing to sit still for following directions for that amount of time. We ask that clients be at least 16 for our open enrollment evening sessions and at least 6 for our Kids classes. Minors age 18 and older are allowed to attend at any time, unless otherwise stated on the calendar.

Please note that evening classes are often an "adult" night out for our other participants and adult conversations may occur.
Minors under 13 cannot be dropped off and must have at least 1 adult for every 2 children. Please call or email if you have further questions or concerns.

What is the cost of a Paint and Wine Corvallis class?

Generally our classes are $39 each, but the price will depend on many factors, including duration and the instructor. Our calendar will show the price for each painting. 


Senior citizens, 65 and over, get a 10% discount. CODE: SENIOR65

Military - active, reserve, retired get a 10% discount. CODE: MILITARY 10

You MUST enter and use the code when you place the order.  Once your order is complete we cannot "add" it. Also, be sure to mention your status to your server, when ordering snacks/beverages during drop in times or paint class.  Please only apply this discount to those in your party who are senior citizens or military. If you are online, you will need to place a separate order for those who do not qualify.  Thank you for not misusing these discounts!

What is included in the price?

For scheduled paint classes: We provide stretched canvases, non toxic acrylic paints, brushes, easels, wooden stools, aprons and step by step instructions with a demonstration of each step. For no extra charge we provide a chance for you to explore a new part of your brain!

Come as you are, leave with art!

Most paint nights use a 16x20" stretched canvas unless otherwise mentioned in the class description. 

For Drop in times: you will have use of all the above except a guided lesson will not be included. We are happy to help you with tips and tricks though!  

Is alcohol included in the price?

No, because we DO allow minors. However...Oregon sourced house wine is only $5 per glass. We also have a some wine available by the bottle, if you bring a friend. In addition we have beer cider and mead. We also offer soft drinks, bottled water, coffee, tea and light snacks for sale.
Please see Wine & Food Menu for additional details.
​PLEASE NOTE: If you plan to drink wine you MUST have a CURRENT and valid I.D. that shows you are not a minor whether you are 21 or 101.

Can I bring my own bottle of wine?

We are not a BYO facility. If you bring your own bottle, there will be a $15 corking fee. Please note that only 750ml or smaller bottles are allowed and our limited license prohibits you from leaving with a partially full bottle.


We will provide aprons, but recommend that you wear paint friendly clothes if you will be using acrylic paints,  just in case! Dried on acrylic paint does not come out easily and may leave a permanent stain.

What time do I need to arrive for a class?

Please arrive 10 to 20 minutes early to sign in, find your seat and place your beverage/snack order. When you get your reminder email, take note of the class size, bigger classes require more people to check in early, so that we can start class on time.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancel at least 48 hours before class to receive a 100% refund. If you cancel 48-4 hours before class, we will gladly apply your payment towards a new class within the next 60 days.

Last minute (less than 4 hrs before class) cancellations or "no shows" are not eligible for a refund. You may be eligible to reschedule to a different class if you pay a $10 per person restock and supply fee.

If Paint and Wine needs to cancel a class, due to lack of enrollment or any reason, you will be offered a full refund. PLEASE NOTE: special events may have different cancellation policies attached. Please read carefully.

Will I receive a confirmation when I purchase my tickets?

Our online store provider, Square, should email you a confirmation. Also, please look for an email the evening before class for confirmation and class size. You do not need to bring the confirmation with you. If you receive the reminder email, then we have your reservation.

Is there a minimum class size for scheduled paint nights?

Yes, we must have a minimum of 8 people for a class to be held. If the class minimum is not met at least 48 hours before a class is due to start, it may get cancelled at the artist's discretion. If Paint and Wine needs to cancel a class, due to lack of enrollment or any other reason, you will be offered a full refund.

How long is a class?

Classes last approximately 2 - 3 hours. Please see the calendar for approximate length of each painting time. We do the best we can to stick to the times posted, but class size, late starts and overall "personality" of the class can all cause adjustments to the posted time. We LOVE fun classes with big personality, just for the record!!

What time are classes held?

Usually 6pm on weeknights and 1pm, 3pm, or 5pm on Saturdays but times can vary for special painting occasions. Please see the online Calendar for the most up to date class information. Also, please be on the lookout for senior center daytime classes and kid's classes. We hope to offer these very soon!

Do I have to paint the featured painting?

People are welcome to paint whatever they want to paint during our classes.  We are set up to instruct the painting that is posted for your session but if you would like to do something different you will not be discouraged! Please understand that we will help as much as we can but may be limited by making sure we stay on schedule. 

Do I have to use the colors in the example painting?

If you want different colors than those that appear on the featured painting, please contact us at LEAST 2 hrs before class. We pre fill palettes and do not like to waste paint - thank you for understanding.

What if I come with my significant other and we don't want two of the exact same painting?

We will try to accommodate creativity so you can leave the night with unique canvas art for your home. If this is a real concern, please contact us so that we can recommend paintings that are easily adaptable to change. Also, be on the lookout for our "couples" classes. Two paintings that complement each other!

Can we host a private party at Paint and Wine Corvallis?

Yes! Contact us for details on hosting your next birthday party, team building event, bachelorette party or family reunion at Paint and Wine Corvallis. We are not able to offer group discounts for private events. The KID & PRIVATE PARTIES tab has some information on pricing for a Private Party. Email for more details. ​

Do you offer off-site parties?

We are not set up to transport our supplies off site at this time.

Still have questions?

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